Delivering Business Value


Understand deeply and explain simply is our motto.

We always depart from your business goals to transform them into simple digital solutions.

We focus on your Return on Investment. 

This is why, above being Odoo Experts, we are entrepreneurs.

With YouRENT, we have also developed a great expertise in the Real Estate Segments. This makes us THE partner of choice for your Real Estates Projects


We have compiled a set of proven methodologies (LEAN, UML, Agile, ...) into a unified project management platform: YouDEV. This platform links business, planning and operational goals to controle and manage your project efficiently.

We focus on the deliverables. You control the progress, test the fit for purpose and the quality.  

All parties can enjoy transparency, regular check-points and happy collaboration.


We think that there is more value in integration than in development. This is why we partner with Odoo. A new leader of the ERP software industry. 

We leverage their existing technical solutions and open source framework to develop innovative business solutions.  

We have integrated their business processes into our Project Management Platform to streamline the deliverie.