Net Skill Group is a distributed team of highly talented experts distributed in different locations. We deeply believe that in technology, one talented expert can easily outperform a team of 10 average ones.

In today's technologically booming environment, talents are difficult to attract and to make loyal. This is why we are recruiting internationally. We want the best ones, no matter where they are. Our methodology bridges the geographical gap.                             


Our main values are expressed in R3:  Reliability Respect  and  Responsibility.

These values apply to our entire eco-system: Net Skill, our Clients and the rest of the World.

We team-up with our Clients and Partners to create impact, not only for the business but also for the rest of our Eco-System. If you are developing projects having  Sustainable Development Goals, call us! We would love to work with you!


Our common methodology is our "product  warrantee".

Our collaborators have different profiles and expertises but they all share the same methodology.

This methodology is our common language. It's our shared vision on our projects. It's the insurance that no beautiful solution will come off the ground without a business reason. Its transparency helps us to keep on track. It places the project above people and, doing so, ensures the project's durability.


We are all  generalists! 

All our collaborators share the need to understand the final goal of their projects because they know, it's the only way to ensure that they deliver value at any time. This is why we are are all  full-stack business developers.

We are all  experts!

Our team is multi-disciplinary. We are generalists but we are also experts! We are engineers, accountants, software developers, journalists, ... and we capitalise on multiple years of experience in the digital transformation. We have successful in most of the business area (Sales, marketing, Logistics, etc). Linking these area is our Strength!          

Join us!

If you are talented, share our values and are passioned about Odoo and Business software, we need to speak!

Join us!