Digital Transformation with impact

How do you measure impact?

  Digitally Transform a company means much more than just bringing a bit of automatisation and communication.

To be done efficiently, it must come with a complete revision of your processes. This is long, painful and expensive!

Before starting such a journey, you should be sure that it will have a true impact on your eco-system. This impact can be expressed in  Return-On-Investment but not only. Other metrics like  Social Responsibility,  Competitive Advantage,  Loyalty,  Sustainability should be considered as well.


We help you to approach Digital Transformation by setting your goals and strategy with a holistic vision. Once we have a proven impact of the digital strategy we start working on the deliveries!

Why should you consider Digital Transformation?

These are a few examples of an ocean of opportunities :



Sales Automation

manage your customers personally


Optimize your Customer pipeline

Loyalty & Motivation

Leverage your clients & partners are your best ambassadors.



Inbound Marketing

Stop to search for new customers. Help them to find you!


Marketing Automation

Optimize your social Media Strategy to develop your notoriety  


Spread the word with a smart content strategy.



Optimize your warehouse to decrease time to delivery, increase quality and diminish delivery costs 


Manage your stocks and re-ordering in a snap to free your working capital.


Integrate your logistics with transport companies, payment providers, suppliers and finances.

 Human Resources


Manage pay-rolls, optimize compensations & benefits, set-up a recruitment pipeline


Human Capital accounts for 80% of your added value. Empower your collaborators with agility!


Transparency and efficient communication are correlated with efficiency and employee happiness.

Let's have a chat to see what Digital transformation can bring you!

Those were just some examples. We didn't even speak about accounting, Event Management, Catalog Management, ....