Every Netskill collaborator has two main drivers

  • Delivering business value

  • Functional and technical Expertise

This is why:

  • We are all full-stack business developers with multiple years of expertise

  • Every people involved in a project understand the business objectives of this project

This implies that: 

  • We prefer to have small teams of highly skilled people in our projects than the opposite

  • Our project teams always include key stakeholders from our clients 


We have compiled a st of proven methodologies (LEAN, UML, Agile, ...) intio a unified   project management platform.This platform links business, planning and operationnal goals to controle and manage your project efficiently.  

We focus on the deliveries.

You control the   ROI  and the   Quality.  

We both enjoy   transparency, vision and   happy collaboration.


We think that there is more value in integration than in development. This is why we partner with leaders of the software  industry.  

We leverage existing technical solutions to develop innovative business solutions.  

We are Odoo Gold Partners. Odoo is THE Leading ERP Business Software for PME's.  

We have integrated their business processes into our Project Management Platform to streamline the deliveries Other  partnerships we are proud of include  Google, Mailchimp, OVH, Hestner, etc.

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